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DSSC is planning a regional symposium to highlight the needs of Rochester’s Deaf Senior community as part of DSSC’s outreach efforts. The intended audience would consist of senior related providers and professionals serving the aging community as well as interested Deaf community members and organizations. With the assistance of a strong planning committee charged with organizing this community wide event, DSSC hopes to have at least 100+ people in attendance for this event, with the majority being senior related providers such as Episcopal Senior Living, Baptist Fairport Homes, URMC, Rochester Regional Health, multiple Home Care providers, Jewish Senior Services, Lifespan, Monroe County Office of Aging, New York State Office on Aging, etc. DSSC has an affiliation agreement with Partners In Deaf Health (PDH), a Rochester, NY based 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is “to promote an understanding of the health needs of culturally Deaf people”.


There is a strong and increasing interest by senior related community agencies looking for resources and technical assistance in providing a more accessible continuum of care services for the Rochester Deaf Senior community. Currently, some of these providers have shared with DSSC they feel unable to provide meaningful and accessible services to Deaf seniors without proper training, adequate funding or critical mass to support expanded programming.

Similarly, Deaf seniors in Rochester have expressed concern with inaccessible senior living facilities, limited accessible at home care services and a lack of trained Senior services professionals. For both of these groups, providers and clients, there is a need for an improved community wide continuum of care that can be addressed through information sharing, development of new services, added technical assistance and expanded accessible housing options.

DSSC has a major goal of increased information sharing and outreach with senior related community providers in the Rochester area in order to bring awareness to the needs of Deaf seniors. To this end, DSSC is proposing a regional symposium with a nationally or regionally recognized expert(s) to present critical information that will inspire and motivate local senior providers to look at their current framework of services and how they can accommodate the needs of Deaf seniors in a more inclusive and accessible manner. It is hoped that the symposium will spark a movement in recognizing the importance of an improved care delivery system that mutually benefits Deaf seniors and their provider agencies.


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