Our Goals:

To reduce the differences in illness, injury, disability or death experienced by a minority group compared with majority group. 

These differences are called "Health Disparities."

The Deaf community, as a linguistically minority population, experience more health issues as compared to the hearing population.

Our Solutions:

  • To address health disparities between Deaf and hearing populations by having Deaf communities working together with healthcare researchers and providers

  • Our ultimate goal is to deliver health information in ASL to bring the Deaf Community up to the par in health literacy

Board of Directors

Susan Demers-McLetchie


Arlene Sankey

Vice President / Treasurer

Chris Kelley


Jason Rotoli
Shazia Siddiqi
Samuel Dien
IV Mirus
Dorothy Wilkins
Tiffany Panko
John T. Reid
Mariam Paracha
Matt Starr
Donna J. Nelligan-Barrett

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