DeafNation Expo on Oct. 1, 2022

Partners in Deaf Health will be there!

This is very exciting news to inform you that DeafNation Expo is back in this town. It'll be at RIT Golden Field House this Saturday, October 1st. Yes, it's FREE ADMISSION.  All you need is to register an online ticket on for free admission to avoid long lines if you haven't done so already. There are plenty of local presenters/performers on the DeafNation Expo stage for the same event! 

Partners in Deaf Health (PDH) is proud to announce that Tiffany Panko and her team (pictured in the second row on the far right) will be discussing "Your Choices in Women's Health." Please COME and WATCH that interesting presentation from 2:30 to 3 PM.

In addition to this, please come visit the PDH table to learn about PDH and buy the book "H is for Hormones, An A to Z Guide to Your Changing Body."

Hope to see you there!


Where can we find FREE N95 masks here in Rochester, NY?

For those of you living outside of Rochester, NY, try check out at your local grocery store or drugstore. 

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